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You haven't overcome the obstacles in love - Libra Horoscope for Friday, January 1, 2021

Things won't change much on the first day of the new year, but be patient as you're on the right path


Libra, your prediction for today announces that square Venus and Mars in opposition in Aries until the 6th of January won't help you overcome your obstacles in love.

If you solve your problems with your partner, unfortunately, you'll have to face other complications. If you haven't resolved a conflict, it'll come back and you won't find it easy to come up with a solution. 

If you're single, avoid any love affairs as they won't bring you anything positive. It's better if you stay on your own for a while, even if you miss someone by your side.

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When it comes to your job, it's difficult to foresee the development of your situation as square Venus will slightly cushion Mercury's transition to Aquarius.

You'll definitely come up with very good ideas, but you'll tend to spend too much money on them. You may also feel the need to raise money to reach your goals, but try not to overdo it. Don't forget that Jupiter and Saturn are finally with you and they'll lead you to many positive things that will last. 

Meanwhile, if you're unemployed, focus on your job interviews, study, retrain, and recycle your knowledge.  Don't rule out the possibility of accepting little jobs as they may lead you to great opportunities. 


As far as your health is concerned, some of you will be blessed by the stars not only on a physical level (such as a quick recovery from an illness) but also emotionally.

If there's something you've been planning to do to improve your health, it's the right moment to act.

It's also a great day to regain your physical energy as Mars's opposition is coming to an end. However, be careful with binging on food, alcohol, smoking, and even sports, as nothing in excess is good.

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