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Try to become more active and move more - Libra Horoscope for Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Make sure you get what belongs to you, whether it's your income, health issues, or personal relationships


Your love life should be active and satisfying, especially if you accept your partner and others' opinions, which is in your balanced nature.

On the other hand, the stars foresee a lot of intensity in your sentimental life. Under the powerful influence of Mars in Aries, your partner should take his or her place and revive passion and dynamism in your relationship.

Single Libras will have real opportunities to meet someone. Don't hesitate to change your neighborhood to meet new people, as long as external circumstances allow you to make such changes.

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When it comes to your profession and economy, the planet Mercury, which is responsible for your finances, will be off-limits from today, which means that your money matters won't go as expected.

You may not find solutions to your financial problems in the usual places, so you'll have to look elsewhere.  The opportunities to make money will come from the "outside".

Mercury will be in your eighth house until the 21st of December, so it's a good moment to reflect on the lack of management in your financial life. You'll prosper if you learn from your mistakes and eliminate what hasn't helped you so far.


As for your health, now that Jupiter and Saturn are about to move to Aquarius, it'll become more delicate. This is why you should pay more attention to this area of your life.

You won't suffer from any serious illnesses, so there's nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to be informed and take care of yourself to prevent any future ailment.

As far as your emotional health is concerned, you're going through a rather delicate moment, as you're feeling irritable and easily frustrated. Stop blaming your circumstances and try to analyze the origin of these emotions.

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