Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope: February 6th - 12th, 2023

Leo, remember that gratitude is the highest form of thought

Leo, your Weekly Horoscope invites you to enjoy all aspects of life. Find out what fortune has in store for your zodiac sign here.


Leo, your Horoscope shows that this week your passion may become unbridled. Look for other ways to channel the power of your energy. Join the gym to give it your all or go for a run in the nearest park.

Approach love from your sweetest side, as you don't want to scare anyone off before they even get to know you. 

If you're in a relationship, establish an effective communication system and don't allow misunderstandings to fester within you.

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The Weekly Horoscope foresees an auspicious week. Money will flow like water from a spring, so stop worrying. Life in its infinite wisdom will pull strings to orchestrate unexpected situations.

Leo, your job will be not to resist this cosmic dance of fortune. Your trust in life will be rewarded. The stars advise you to take your rightful place and become a leader, as some will need your guidance this week.


Leo, the Weekly Horoscope suggests you work on your ego. Professionally, the Aquarian age asks for collaboration. The rules of the game are changing.

This week, let your old version die. Remember that the uneasiness of the caterpillar gives rise to a beautiful butterfly. Empower yourself and be prepared to act boldly.

Accept the help of a Gemini in this process, as you could learn a lot from their chameleon-like abilities.


This week bring out your most refined version in terms of friendship, Leo. Why don't you try to filter your words a little? You're used to speaking your mind, but that's not always the best option.

Life doesn't ask you to lie, but to show empathy when it comes to advising a good friend in trouble.


Your Weekly Horoscope predicts excellent health. Devote your time and energy to helping those around you in whatever way you prefer. Give back to life a little of the abundance it has endowed you with.

Remember that gratitude is the highest thought, Leo.