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Leo Weekly Horoscope for May 9 - 15, 2022

Leo, pay attention to what your environment is telling you


Leo, the Weekly Horoscope advises you to pay more attention to details when it comes to love. Those around you are indirectly asking for your help.

You must interpret what they want. So that you can be there for them when they need you.

Your natural impetus often leads you to move forward and ignore what's happening around you.

If you become more aware of this issue, you can change this tendency. 


The Weekly Horoscope shows that it'll be a rather dull week financially, Leo. You won't go through any ups and downs or imbalances, for better or for worse. There will be no big worries, but you won't find it easy to save or get a bonus.

It's important you don't obsess over your finances. Enjoy this stability and appreciate the fact that you won't have to face any particularly complicated situations.


Leo, the Weekly Horoscope announces a demanding week at work. A heavy workload could lead you to stress or anguish. Therefore, it'll be essential that you're focused at work and, when you leave, make an effort to break away.

Having the right attitude will definitely pay off, and thanks to a job well done, you'll be proud and satisfied with yourself. Recharge your batteries, as it'll be a very productive week, and make sure you make some time for rest. It'll allow you to counteract the sacrifice at work.


Leo, the Weekly Prediction advises you not to relax too much as far as health is concerned. Infections are the order of the day, and catching a virus at this stage could destabilize all your plans for the week. Don't let your guard down and wear a mask whenever you go to a crowded place.

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