Leo Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 March 2021: The stars will favor reconciliations

Your workload will decrease and you'll finally have time to review your projects


Last week the stars didn't bode well for those who were seeking reconciliation, but  this week the tables will turn and you'll be able to recompose your heart. Even the Universe will be on your side and lead you to meet your loved one in the most unexpected places. You'll receive his/her message, which will fill you with hope and illusion.

You'll still be very sociable and popular with your new acquaintances. Although it's true that not all of them will become your close friends, they do appreciate you very much and you also enjoy having fun with them. You'll definitely find some people who you'll feel comfortable with and be eager to share experiences and deep conversations.

Leos in a relationship will have to pay more attention to their partner to make them feel special. Your children will also demand your attention this week. 

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The frenetic pace of work will slow down, which will help you perform your tasks better. You'll be grateful for a lesser workload as you have a lot of unfinished projects on the table. Now you'll finally have time to revise, plan, and examine them. Breathing some fresh air and looking at things from a new perspective will help you in the process.

Leos who are studying will be eager to reach the level of knowledge they desire as soon as possible, especially foreign language and higher education students, and will quickly become frustrated. Take advantage of this drive to put aside embarrassment and have conversations with native speakers of the language you're studying. 

You'll miss traveling and getting to know new cultures, places, and history. Start saving your money so you can feel closer to your next adventure. 


Iron intake will be the main health issue this week.  Remember to include clams, lentils, nuts (pistachios, almonds and walnuts), eggs, spinach, thyme and pumpkin seeds in your meals. This will help you avoid possible anaemia.

Recovery from illnesses or skin diseases will be especially favored these days.

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