The Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 February 2021: There's only one step from hate to love

Outside your working environment, you'll feel active, happy, and eager to socialize


Venus in Aquarius in your couple and marriage area will lead you to romanticism, peace, and a stable love relationship. A flow of positive energy will invade your and your loved one's heart. You'll have intense conversations that will help you deepen your bond and connect on another level.

Venus square Uranus will surprise  single Leos who will start liking someone they didn't get along with. This so-called enemy will make you laugh and once you pay more attention to his/her appearance, you'll realize that you find him/her quite attractive. A clumsy approach on his/her part will let you know that this person was acting vainly just to get your attention.

The new moon on the 11th of February is a perfect day to let the Universe know about your desires regarding love, companionship, and marriage.

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Mars conjunct Uranus in your Midheaven in the sign of Taurus will lead you to a very stubborn and egocentric attitude at work, especially if you're in a position of authority.

You won't be willing to admit your mistakes and you'll carry out projects or buy innovative technology that might make you lose a lot of money. It's one thing to be self-confident and another to ignore and trample on those around you. Be careful, Leo, as such behavior won't lead to anything positive.

You'll have a false sensation that you have more money than you actually do. One moment you'll be taken over by impulsive buying and get hold of too many ecological and biodegradable products and another you'll become stingy and won't be eager to buy a cup of coffee for your best friend.


Your health zone will be quiet this week. On Monday and Tuesday, you'll have a lot of energy.

When it comes to your mental health, Leos who have been sad or depressed lately will feel more active and eager to meet their friends. In any case, don't stop going to therapy only because you're feeling better. It's a long and complicated process and it's important you don't quit in the middle.

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