Leo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 September 2020: Live in the present and don't stress about the future

At work, your leadership skills and hard work will make you shine, but your investment abilities will take a back seat


Leo, you'll be able to recover passion and romanticism in your relationship and you'll be overflowing with happiness when you see that you're entitled to it. However, this sensation may disappear if you start feeling jealous of your partner's friends. If you want your better half to have a great time with you, don't be ashamed to act silly and regain all the fun you had at the beginning of your relationship.

Leos who have just started a relationship may get a glimpse of authoritarianism on the part of their partner. If this is your case, you're very likely to end the relationship.

You'll reflect on the time you devote to your pet. Your family and work take most of your attention and you barely have time for yourself. However, remember that while you have many people around you, your pet has only you.

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At work, you'll be self-confident and trust your talent. You'll be able to complete all your tasks successfully and efficiently. In addition, you'll know how to work in a group and coordinate the different members in order to carry out your projects.

You'll also have brilliant and innovative ideas on how to make more money, which could be easily implemented if you're ready to make some effort. However, this week you'll feel especially lazy when it comes to making an effort and being constant. You'll also be a little afraid to get out of your comfort zone.  This is very atypical for Leos as you're the bravest zodiac sign, but this week your energies will go elsewhere.

Some money you've been expecting due to a layoff is about to arrive at your bank account.

Take advantage of the 10th of September to close commercial or legal deals. It's also a good day to make important purchases. Mercury will lend you a hand.

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The most important lesson you'll have to learn this week is living in the present. If you constantly think about your future, you'll feel stressed and anxious. Being aware of the present moment is the key to being happier.

Your diet and exercise routine isn't going according to the plan. You should lower your expectations and set more realistic goals. Start by doing a little exercise each day, and when it becomes a habit, gradually increase the time you spend on it.