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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 December, 2020: Improve your posture for a healthy back

You'll have to deal with some problems during the working week, but the sky will clear up at the weekend


During the working week, you won't feel romantic and prefer your own space and independence. Spending time by yourself, you could realize that your partner is trying to control your steps.

It's time to cut these ties that limit you, whether they come from your life partner or from a friend whose friendship has become toxic.

Single Leos will be immersed in a complicated love triangle. Is it really worth it? In the end, you will be the one that gets hurt.

Your brother or sister needs to have a very sincere conversation with you. He/she has to make an important decision in his/her life and needs your opinion but, above all, your unconditional support.

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This week at work won't be very successful. Your haughty, vindictive, spiteful attitude will make you step on your colleague's toes whenever you have a chance. If you work in a team, you'll be picky and object to every little thing you don't like.

Those Leos who are entrepreneurs should take advantage of this Sunday's eclipse to launch their business. You'll be more creative than usual and if you work hard, luck will be on your side.

When it comes to your economy, a debt may lead you to sell your personal items. It's a perfect moment to get rid of certain objects that you're attached to, like presents from your ex-partner. 

Make use of the discount coupons from the supermarkets or in your email inbox, so you can save on the cost of basic products.


Stress and bad postures while working in the office or doing the housework will affect your spine. You need a back massage to help your vertebrae regain good posture and free you from muscle knots.

Have you forgotten what you ate yesterday? You need to train your brain, Leo. Challenge yourself every day to solve a sudoku puzzle or complete a crossword.

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