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Leo Weekly Horoscope for June 6 - 12, 2022

Leo, choose wisely who you want by your side


Leo,  the Weekly Horoscope reminds you of the importance of choosing wisely those around you. Count on those who support you and give you what you need in times of sadness, pain, and loneliness. Your partner, family, and friends have to lead you to emotional well-being.

Therefore, you mustn't let toxic individuals enter your closest circle. And make sure you treat those around you with affection, respect, and love.


The Weekly Horoscope points out that you can learn to live with less money. It's true that we're experiencing an unprecedented rise in prices, and that our salaries leave much to be desired. Therefore, the stars encourage you to adapt your expenses to the current economic situation.

Instead of eating out or ordering so many takeaways, cook more often at home, as it'll be cheaper and healthier, Leo. 


The Weekly Horoscope announces a complicated week at work. It seems that you'll have a heavy workload, which will make your week endless. Therefore, try to find ways to break away and disconnect from work in order to recharge your batteries and regain your energy, Leo.

You'll have to unfold all your virtues and take advantage of the tools to get through this week and show that you're capable of dealing with anything that comes up.


Leo, your Weekly Horoscope wants you to remember how important it is to care for your diet. This week will be especially stressful; therefore, it'll be essential that you prepare a weekly menu and organize your lunches and dinners well. Don't let the pace of life and fatigue prevent you from looking after yourself. 

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