Leo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 July, 2020: Third parties will complicate your romantic relationship

Energetic house-cleaning with sage and rosemary at the end of the week will help you get rid of negative energy at home


At the beginning of the week,  your partner's jealousy will make you feel that other people's relationships seem perfect while yours is quite unsatisfactory. As soon as you realize that this is really a false illusion, your aura will release all the love you have in your heart.

However, this peace will be shattered in the middle of the week by a third person who'll be eager to harm your relationship. You'll have to sit down with your partner and have a serious conversation.

If you're single, this week you'll meet someone on the same wavelength who you'll find very attractive. He or she is a spiritual person and you'll have deep conversations. However, don't idealize this encounter and let the energy flow without any expectations; the universe will guide you.

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It'll be a very positive week when it comes to your economy.  The beginning of the week will be a good time to ask for a promotion, a pay raise, or launch your own business. You'll also be able to afford some whims like buying clothes and accessories.

If you can't reach an agreement regarding your salary by the middle of the week, you'll feel very underestimated and consider a radical change in your career, such as going to work in a foreign country.

Leo, be careful with money when shopping because you could end up with a fake note, which will make you very upset. 


You'll still feel the energy of the eclipse and you'll have to be especially careful with your mental health. Toxic thoughts will take over your mind and you'll have to do your best to get rid of them.

Your eyesight will be affected by so many screens throughout the day. When using a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, remember to set the brightness and night light optimally and, if possible, buy some blue filter glasses. Also, reduce their usage as some applications are designed to be addictive.

A guest that will come to your house will leave some negative energy in it. Your horoscope recommends that you perform energetic house-cleaning with sage and rosemary at the end of the week.