Leo Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 April 2021: A perfect moment to start your own business

You'll come across a past love that will make your heart beat faster again


Jupiter and Saturn in your couple and marriage zone will receive very good astral aspects all week long, which will fill your relationship with good luck, smooth communication, and stability. It's a perfect moment to start long-term projects or to increase your family.

Leos who are single will change their values and priorities when looking for a partner. Beauty and physical attraction will take over loyalty, which will confuse you. You'll think you might have found your better half, but you'll soon realize that it's a superficial person who you aren't interested in at all. 

However, all these events may be overshadowed by your encounter with a past love that will still make you blush and your heart beat faster. 

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This week is ideal to take a big leap in your professional career. Monday, the 12th of April is a powerful day to set up your own business as the astral energy will benefit you enormously. Therefore, devote these days to put the finishing touches on your project and get ready for this new stage that is approaching.

Be careful as you may be blinded by your ambition and desire to succeed, increase your wealth, and be recognized. Don't get too obsessed; otherwise, you'll get frustrated when you realize your goals are quite unrealistic. 


If your mouth and your throat get very dry when you sleep, get hold of a humidifier. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil will help you breathe better at night. This way, you'll rest better and your relatives won't get angry with you because of your snoring.

This week you'll be very susceptible to violence or terror; therefore, you should avoid TV shows based on these issues, as they'll cause you anxiety and generate nightmares.

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