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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 4 - 10 January 2021: You'll strengthen your love bonds

You'll be rewarded for your hard and constant work and be able to find new partners or clients in leading companies


At the beginning of the week, the atmosphere will be a little tense and you'll feel that everything's falling apart. You might make some false promises to fix your relationship, which won't work. However, in the middle of the week, you'll make up with your partner again and the feeling of competitiveness will turn into cooperation.

The rest of the week will bring rewarding surprises in the realm of love and harmonious relationships will flourish. Single Leos will have a great time conquering hearts and the ones in a relationship will enjoy love and affection.

Take advantage of Venus' entry into Capricorn to re-establish the solid foundation of your relationship. It's also a good time to start a new love affair because it's likely to last. 

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Leos who are entrepreneurs or self-employed won't have a peaceful start to the week. You'll be forced to reformulate certain practices and change some protocols. New work methodologies could lead you (or your employee) to suffer from a small accident.

However, the entry of Venus in Capricorn will indicate that you've done the right thing and your income will increase. Those who work for others are also very likely to get a pay rise. 

The entry of Mercury in Aquarius will bring you a fresh, agile, and innovative communication style, which will help you find new partners or clients in leading companies.

Astral energies encourage you to look for the job of your dreams,  although this could generate a confrontation with your partner, especially if he/she thinks it's a very risky move.


With Venus in your health zone, self-care will be extremely important this week. A makeover will make you feel more powerful and be positively received. 

You'll prefer to get fit on your own, as you'll be quite reserved with this aspect of your intimacy. You¡ll be very consistent in your practice and eager to look your best.

This week's planetary alignment will also help you recover from injuries or illnesses.

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