Leo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 31 August - 6 September 2020: You'll have great power of conviction

Take advantage of your gift of the gab and convince people of anything you feel like doing


At the beginning of the week, astrological aspects will give you the opportunity to heal old emotional wounds.  These unresolved issues haven't allowed you to be fully happy in your relationships. Now you have the power to face them, accept them, and heal.

In the middle of the week, thanks to the energy available, you'll be able to convince anyone of anything as you'll have the gift of the gab. Take advantage of your skills to get back with your ex-partner, conquer hearts, or to convince your spouse of something you feel like doing.

On Friday, you will be tempted to be unfaithful. Single Leos will be able to start an interesting conversation with someone they'll be very attracted to, but beware as your crush may not be interested in you in the same way.

On the weekend, if you feel like doing something romantic, you'll have to arrange it yourself as your spouse won't be very keen on planning.

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Mars is about to enter its retrograde phase, which means that  it's a perfect moment to expand your project or business to other countries. If you have good planning, you'll find investors easily. Unemployed Leos who speak various languages will get several job offers. 

It's also a great time to develop a savings plan. Use apps to automate transfers to your savings account or put some money in a piggy-bank if you're more old-fashioned.

The best day to close deals or make beneficial investments will be Thursday. In addition, the profitability of these will be both short and long term. At the weekend, you'll be eager to show off and spend a lot of money just to pretend you're leading a luxurious lifestyle. 

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You'll go through a lot of stress this week, which will turn into nightmares at night. When you wake up, look for their meanings as they'll be messages from your unconsciousness. 

Don't forget to pamper yourself. Whenever possible, soak in a warm bath with aromas, flowers, and salts. Surround yourself with candles and listen to music with high frequencies to raise your vibration.

On Sunday, the energy of Mars will give you the vitality you need to do everything you want.