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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 30 November - 6 December, 2020: Having fun with your friends will be your priority

Work will bring you down and you'll have to fight against yourself not to waste time procrastinating


Honest and faithful Leos have nothing to worry about this week, as everything will go smoothly in the love field. Your general attitude to life and those around you will be joyful and you'll be eager to spread your good vibes. A grumpy friend could hurt your feelings by messing with your personality, but don't listen to them, your way of feeling emotions is unique and wonderful.

However, Leos in a relationship who have been flirting outside of marriage or  single ones  who have been playing with several people's feelings will be uncovered.

The stars will help you communicate in a very persuasive way. Take advantage of it to convince your partner or friends to throw a party at your house or go on a short trip.

Single Leos should stop forcing things and simply be themselves if they want Cupid's arrow to work. On Sunday, all the energies will be on your side and several people may fall in love with you.

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The atmosphere at work will be quite tense this week. Anger, mistakes, conflicting opinions between employees and bosses, bad temper, and little desire to work due to the mental fatigue generated by stress will wear you down. 

In addition, you'll realize that your salary doesn't correspond to your tasks and responsibilities. The stars will give you enough courage to put this issue on your manager's table and try to reach a new agreement.

You'll be short of money and unable to help a family member who will ask you for money. Why don't you ask a professional to help you figure out where to cut back and how to diversify your earnings so you have fewer expenses and more savings?

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Leo, your inner strength and the planetary aspects will help you recover from an illness that has impacted your routine considerably. You'll be able to lead a normal life again. Although at first you'll still feel some discomfort, it'll soon go away.

Socializing is what will make you really happy this week. Chatting and laughing with friends, throwing a party, or going on a short trip will help you recover instantly.