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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 28 December 2020 - 3 January 2021: You'll face the future with optimism

Despite the ups and downs in the field of love, you'll be very happy to continue your relationship


You'll be quite cold and critical of yourself, your partner, and your friends, which will lead you to various arguments. Observe your body language; crossing your arms when talking to someone means you don't want to let them into your world. Make sure you aren't holding on to toxic bonds.

At the weekend, you'll be able to relax and find love again. Your partner will be very stressed and you'll help him/her to calm down in a very selfless way. Sunday will be the most romantic day. It'll be a perfect moment for reconciliation with your partner or your friends. 

Single Leos will miss having someone special to enjoy the holiday season with.

On New Year's Eve, you'll be optimistic and ready to leave this difficult year behind.  Dream aloud and let all the good things come to your life.

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This week might be a little complicated at work due to your attitude and the planetary aspects. Your mind won't be able to connect with your creative side and this frustration will lead you to authoritarian and dictatorial behavior with your employees or colleagues. You won't be able to work in a team, which will cause various arguments and reproaches.

If you have your own business, you'll realize that there are small but constant money leaks. You'll have to sit down and review all the guidelines, protocols, and accounts to remodel your business.

When it comes to your economy, everything will remain stable as long as you don't make large investments or purchases. Don't try to speculate, as the energies foresee great losses.


Gardening will help you find the peace of mind you're looking for. Fill your balcony and your house with leafy green plants that give off good energy and make you feel in touch with nature.

On a physical level, you should  be especially careful because there is a risk of suffering from small domestic accidents,  such as, slamming your finger in a door or slipping and falling in the shower.

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