Leo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 26 October - 1 November, 2020: Get your motivation back

Your low self-esteem could lead you to spy on your partner as you'll suspect he/she's cheating on you


An encounter with someone who hurt you in the past will mark your mood this week. A sense of insecurity and vulnerability will take over you. 

The relationship with your partner will be good as you both will be affectionate and eager to express your love. However, your low self-esteem may lead you to spy on his/her cell phone. 

At the weekend, you'll feel a bit unstable and paranoid, thinking that your better half has been unfaithful to you. 

Single Leos will be quite upset this week. It'll seem that everyone is in a happy relationship. You'll see couples kissing, their perfect photos on social networks, announcements about starting a family... You'll be focusing on what's missing in your life. Try not to get obsessed. Remember that there is a time for everything. Enjoy your single life at the moment as it won't last forever.

On Halloween or Samhain, as the witches call it, you'll have a blast if you meet your friends to cast your own spells or watch a horror movie. 

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At work, you'll still have to deal with ups and downs. You might find it really hard to get out of bed. Your working days will seem long and complicated. Moreover, you'll be very demanding when it comes to your performance and results.  You must get your motivation back or start considering looking for another job that would make you happier.

However, if your profession is related to beauty (fashion, beauty shops, hairdressing, sale and distribution of cosmetic products) and diplomacy, you'll have a positive week at work.

You won't lack money if you're good at buying and selling objects and making investments. Just avoid making transactions on Wednesday.

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Consider buying a new pillow or mattress so you can rest better. Your neck or headaches are most likely caused by your poor posture at bedtime. Don't skimp on expenses and seek the highest quality because your health should always be your priority.

Physically you'll be prone to small accidents (especially on the weekend): a broken slab may lead you to sprain your ankle or you could also hit your little toe on a table. Be careful!