The Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 26 April - 2 May 2021: You'll be a heartbreaker

You devote too much time to your profession and not enough to your family; if you keep doing it, you could end up alone


This week you'll have to focus all your attention on two axes, one much more important than the other. You have an important cluster of astral energy in your zone of authority, social power, vocation and success; and on the opposite side, you have the Moon (emotions) in your zone of family and home. You'll devote a lot of time and effort to achieve success, progress in your career and gain power, and very little to your family life. Leo,  you'll spend a lot of time away from home immersed in thoughts about work and money that will distract you from what is really important: love.

You'll experience many tense moments, full of reproaches and tears from your partner. And although it seems a bad thing, it'll actually be a wake-up call for you to reevaluate your priorities.

The singles of the sign will be quite selfish and tend to play with other people's hearts, but you'll soon get bored of ephemeral encounters and pretending to be someone you're not. Just because you don't find the love of your life doesn't mean you can go around breaking others' hearts.


This week you'll be a fierce lion when it comes to your profession.  You'll be competitive and passionate, you'll push your body to the limit and rack your brain for the best ideas. Your attitude towards work will be very radical and it'll also be accompanied by your haughty ego.

After the full Moon in Scorpio and various serious conversations with your loved ones, you'll slow down a bit and prefer to take a back seat to reflect on your career and the time you invest in it.

It's not a good moment to ask for better conditions at work or to be arrogant in a job interview.  The planets foresee that you won't feel comfortable with the superiors, which may lead to a conflict. 


You'll feel more tired but you won't know why. You must reflect on your harmful habits and bad companies. It's simple: if you're trying to quit smoking, avoid hanging out with people who are constantly offering you a cigarette; and if you want to have a healthy diet, turn down the proposals to go to fast-food restaurants. 

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