The sign of Leo on a colourful sky background

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 25 - 31 January 2021: Prosperity in love and work

You'll have a lot of energy and vitality, take advantage of it to do activities and exercise


This last week of January, you'll feel very happy that all your closest people are healthy. Your relationship with your spouse or partner will improve day by day, as will your relationship with the rest of your family and friends. Harmony, love, and peace will prevail during this period making you feel very lucky.

Even so, you have to be especially careful with your mother or mother figure. The stars will make the atmosphere between you two a little tense and an untimely reproach may lead you to an argument. Although there may be things that bother you, try to discuss them with kindness. And if there's some tension coming from the past, comment on it in private.

Single Leos will reflect on the mistakes they made in their past relationships. You'll also think about what kind of person you want by your side. This week, you'll have various opportunities to flirt.

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Whether you work for others or have your own business, the atmosphere among superiors, colleagues, and clients will be very pleasant this week. This will help you give your best and perform your tasks efficiently. Your work pace, productivity, and good manners will make you stand out.

If you're unemployed, you'll have a job opportunity that you have to take advantage of as it offers better conditions than in your previous job. Don't beat around the bush in the interview and focus on highlighting your skills that are required for this job position.

You'll meet important people who have a high income. You'll act diplomatically, but you won't like their arrogant attitude. As you aren't short of money, you'll politely decline any investment proposal.


The full moon in your sign in the middle of the week will give you a lot of energy, good physical health, vitality, strength, optimism, and confidence in yourself and your decisions.

You could suffer from slight digestion problems but they won't last.

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