Leo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 23 - 29 November, 2020: You'll seek passion and spontaneity in love

You will value your professionalism and won't let anyone walk over you at work


When it comes to love, you'll have a good week as long as you don't let others' opinions affect you. There are some people who want to hurt you and it's not your ex-partner. Beware of toxic family members or friends who are unhappy and want to make your life miserable, too. 

In order to feel bonded with your partner, you need to be a little more passionate and spontaneous. Get out of the rut and make sure the flame keeps burning. 

At the weekend, suggest your partner doing something different and fun together. If you're constantly asking your better half to surprise you, you'll have to be the one to set an example. 

Single Leos will be suspicious of the person who compliments them and is too direct, as you barely know him/her. Insistence and some inappropriate words will make you go back to the sea and keep looking for other fish.

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Teamwork will be your strong point this week. You won't stand out but your work and participation in various projects will be the key. You won't let any colleague trample you or discredit you with hurtful comments. No one has given you anything in this life, you've got this far thanks to your own effort. If anyone says the opposite, you won't hesitate to talk back.

Unemployed Leos will have a new job opportunity thanks to their friends or neighbors.  However, make sure you get ready for the interview because your mind will be in the clouds and you'll find it difficult to choose the right words.

Be careful where you put your wallet this week. You could have it stolen if you keep it in your back pocket.

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As far as your mental health is concerned, make sure you're surrounded by happy people and a positive environment. If someone tries to destabilize your peace of mind, you might become quite aggressive.

Introspection will play a vital role in bringing a new focus to your knowledge and goals and directing them towards your happiness. 

In terms of your physical health,  the stars will be on your side if you've been trying to get pregnant. If that's not your case, you should be careful with wine at dinner as you could regret your words and actions the next day.