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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 22 - 28 March 2021: You'll regain your competitive spirit

You'll confuse the signs a close person is sending you and think he/she wants to have an affair with you


Leos who aren't satisfied with their relationship will confuse the signs a close person is sending them and think that he/she is offering a love affair. However, the truth is that  your friend is simply supporting you emotionally after you've told him/her about your problems. If you take a step further and start something, the consequences will be much more serious than you expect.

Your family will be worried about you because you'll act as if everything is fine regarding your financial and work matters. Your ego doesn't let you tell them the truth and you have a feeling that you're letting them down. Keep fighting, but be more humble; deceiving your family will only lead you to headaches.

Single Leos won't have their best week as they'll be judged for their past relationships.  Some of your ephemeral love affairs will lead you to the reputation of a heartbreaker, which could scare off your true love. At the weekend, you'll be taken over by the melancholy and feel sorry for yourself due to your bad luck in heart matters. 

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The Sun and Venus in Aries will make you feel more comfortable and recover your energy and competitiveness. You'll be interested in transcendental conversations and trips abroad. You'll also be very good at closing international deals that will boost your career.

Leo artists will be able to tell sublime stories through their creations. You'll be attracted by the beauty of the exotic. Your work may also lead to a philosophical or political debate.

You'll receive good news regarding the law; perhaps a favorable Court ruling.

You'll consider resorting to a high-interest personal loan to save your financial situation. It's not a good idea, Leo; if you need help, turn to your family first.


You'll feel the need to cultivate your spiritual or religious side.  You will be looking for answers to transcendental questions in various dogmas and be interested in everything related to the soul.

With your ruler in a fire sign, you'll have more vitality and energy. You'll be active all day and only manage to relax at night after dinner.

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