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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 22 - 28 February 2021: Change for the better at work

You'll be very passionate, but lack affection, which may make your partner feel used


The most important astral movement for Leos this week has to do with Venus. The planet of love will leave your partner and marriage zone of the natal chart on the 25th and enter your darker sexual side. So far, Venus has been lowering the tensions of Saturn and Jupiter, which are also in your area of the couple. However, now that she's moving into elusive Pisces, you'll find it much harder to avoid arguments with your life partner.

Single Leos could fall in love with a person who works with innovative land-based technologies. However,  this person is quite self-centered and is likely to always leave you in the background. Are you sure you want such a partner?

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If you have a business partner, you'll keep having arguments and disagreements regarding the power in the company. Mars square Venus will lead you to make a drastic decision this week.

Leos in positions of responsibility should mind their manners this week. Your workers will be a bit rowdy, and you may even run into some rebels, but if you abuse your position, you'll lose the respect that others have for you.

If you're unemployed or work for others, this week luck will be on your side. The trine of Pluto in your work zone with Mars, the activator, predicts transformations in the field of employment that will increase your wealth. You're very likely to get a new job or a promotion.

When it comes to money, you'll make a profit from your investments in big companies. 


Lately, you've lost your motivation because you still don't see any physical changes in you. However, today, you'll feel more optimistic and realize that constancy will help you see the desired results in the mirror in the short term. Don't throw in the towel and continue with your workouts and healthy diet; you can do it!

The Full Moon in Virgo will highlight the evolution you've experienced in the last six months regarding how you value yourself and the new skills you've acquired.

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