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Leo Weekly Horoscope for June 20 - 26, 2022

Leo, you might have an existential crisis


Leo, your Weekly Horoscope indicates that you could suffer an existential crisis this week. The stars announce that your emotions will be mixed up. You may be plagued by memories of the past, and nostalgia may cloud your present a little.

It'll be a rather stormy week on an emotional level. Arm yourself with strength and act wisely.


The Weekly Horoscope recommends you're cautious with your investments. It'll be a complicated week, as it's the end of the month. Therefore, it will be important that you manage your economy in the best possible way.

Leo, don't let your impulses take over you. Leave whims for later; you'll experience better and more abundant weeks.


Leo, your Weekly Horoscope points out that you'll get new opportunities at work. It could be a new project or perhaps a change of role within the same company. You'll have to think if this shift really suits you.

Make sure it's positive for you; on the contrary, you might want to stay where you are. However, your adventurous character will push you to live this new experience.


Leo, the Weekly Horoscope encourages you to live each day as if it were your last. The stars advise you to squeeze every moment and enjoy it to the fullest. Don't let the pace of everyday life take away the possibility of enjoying the good things you have.

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