Leo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 20 - 26 July 2020: Congratulations; the star king enters your sign

It's a perfect moment for international agreements, employment abroad, negotiations regarding a pay rise or closing a business deal


At the beginning of the week, your relationship will be quite tense. Minimal friction will lead you and your partner to totally unnecessary discussions. However, once the Sun enters your sign on the 22nd (congratulations!), the tension will fade as optimism and joy will take over it. 

Someone from your past may come back to your life and destroy your current relationship. Block this person from all social networks and ignore him/her completely; otherwise, they could succeed.

Single Leos will have lots of conversations with the person they like who also happens to be a very interesting interlocutor. You'll talk about everything, including deep philosophical matters and more spicy topics. 

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Mars in your zone of expansion and in a harmonic aspect with Venus will make it a perfect moment for international agreements or employment abroad.

The planetary aspects will favor the real estate market. Take advantage of it and place ads if you want to sell your property or visit houses you like if you're thinking of buying one. It's also a favorable day for any type of negotiations, such as a salary increase or closing a business deal.

At the weekend, leaky faucets or clogged drains will make you change your plans. You'll have to call a plumber and reschedule your weekend activities.  

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On Monday, the new moon will enter Cancer, which will be a perfect moment to send to the Universe your resolutions related to your family, home, food and everything that gives you a sense of security. It's also a perfect day for introspective meditation.

If you've been trying to get pregnant for some time and haven't been successful yet, your partner and you should go for a medical check-up. You could also perform some kind of ritual to boost your fertility. 

At the end of the week, a song will teleport you to the happiest years of your childhood and you'll be overcome with a feeling of nostalgia. You'll see yourself there, looking at yourself so innocently, and wondering if you're that person you imagined you'd become when you were ten years old.