Leo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 2 - 8 November, 2020: Your income will increase and you'll be able to pay off your debts

Mercury in Libra will make you wonder if your relationship and way of communication are balanced enough


Leo, your week will be marked by two astrological aspects: Mercury retrograde in Libra and the Waning Moon in the fourth week that will enter your sign on Sunday. In terms of love, this will mean empowerment of your empathy, romanticism, creativity, fieriness, and entrepreneurship.

The planet of communication will make you reflect on how you perceive your life and your surroundings, and how you interact and communicate with others. When talking to your friends, you'll analyze more than talk this week. You'll wonder whether you express yourself in a balanced way or tend to radicalize your opinions.

If you have a partner, you'll be eager to bond with him/her in a very deep way but you both will be taken over by passion this week. Day 5 is ideal to take a step forward and move in together, plan your wedding, make public a budding or secret relationship, etc.

The singles of the sign may get lost in their search for affection and cling to someone to simply feel loved.

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The stars will bless the professions that are related to communication or spirituality,  such as creative writers, journalists, activists, guides, psychologists, cloistered monks, priests, mediums, and guides. You'll have a very inspirational and positive week.

You'll have to be careful with Mercury as it may cause various misunderstandings. Make sure all your emails reach their destination, keep all the receipts and invoices of your big purchases, and back up the most important files.

Your income will finally increase thanks to your effort and you'll be able to start paying off your debts.

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It'll be a perfect week meditate, connect with your essence, and with your spiritual guides. It's also a good time to cleanse yourself and get rid of the bad energies attached to your body (a salt-water bath is the most widely used ancestral method).

When it comes to your physical health, there will be nothing to worry about.