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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 19 - 25 April 2021: Your peers will shower you with praise

Daily worries will cloud your diplomacy and you'll be quite short-tempered in conversations


You'll be a little paranoid when it comes to your relationship because you'll have a feeling that your loved one is hiding something from you  or lying to you all the time. You'll doubt your partner's words and, therefore, ask many "trick" questions in order to obtain the truth you think he or she is hiding from you.

Luckily, your spouse will answer your questions innocently because he or she has nothing to hide. You must trust your partner more, Leo.

Single Leos will have to opt for kinder words if they want to be approached by someone interesting. You'll be worried about some of your issues and stress could affect your mood and the way you relate to others.

Families will argue with the children who are in the midst of a tug-of-war over boundaries and schedules to follow.


You'll be able to count on your workmates to get closer to your objectives at work.  If you need them to stick up for you or talk about your performance, there's nothing to worry about as their statements will be full of praise and support. 

You'll see that some younger and inexperienced colleagues are overtaking you and easily achieving the goals you've been fighting for a long time. It'll be a clear case of pulling strings, which will make your blood boil. You'll be eager to slam the door and leave, but the truth is that you need this job and you'll have to hold on for now.

Going shopping with your friends won't help you save your money because peer pressure will take over you and you'll end up buying clothes that you don't really need. 


You'll naturally simplify your routines and timetables without any agendas or planners. You'll be doing very well until an unexpected event will ruin your plans. Being so methodical and rigid won't be of great help to you this week. 

You'll be very attracted to the so-called superfoods, especially the most exotic ones. Before investing your money in products that come from the other side of the world, look for alternative products with the same nutritional values in your area. 

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