Leo sign on a pink and orange sky with some stars behind it

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 18 - 24 January 2021: Your great efforts will lead you to success

You'll be very active and eager to do many things, especially at work, where your enthusiasm will stand out


At the beginning of the week, the Venus trine Uranus aspect in conjunction with Lilith will increase your desire to experience and innovate in the field of love, whether it's opening up to new people who are very different from you or introducing sex toys into your relationship. This energy will invade both single Leos and those who have a partner.

As the week progresses, your desire for new adventures will gradually diminish, giving way to a more romantic atmosphere. Venus in Saturn will demand solid agreements, stability, keeping promises, etc. Therefore, you should  stop thinking about your needs and put yourself in your partner's shoes to strengthen your relationship.

Single Leos with their innate charisma will attract several suitors and have a chance to test them. Some of them will surprise you by telling you how to lead your life. You won't think twice and cut these people out of your life.

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This week, your effort, perseverance, and hard work will finally pay off. You'll have to plan carefully as your work responsibilities will exceed your schedule. However, instead of complaining, your inner fire will help you move forward and accomplish all your tasks. The good news is that your productivity will lead you to great results and economic reward. 

Your income will increase due to your marriage or partnership. You're likely to make favorable deals regarding inheritance or buying or selling a property. However, although you'll have more economic resources, you won't lower your sacrifice level at work.


You'll feel very energetic and know how to take advantage of it. Just be careful not to overdo it; otherwise, you could get injured. Your enthusiasm and willpower will help you achieve anything you want.

Your positivity and optimism will create a nice atmosphere around you and your loved ones will admire you. You'll be an example to follow.

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