Leo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 September 2020: You'll have a lot of fun and enjoy the love of your family

You'll be very creative this week, which will help you to come up with great ideas at work and make your colleagues laugh


You'll have a very cozy and funny week. The Sun and Uranus will bring you spontaneity and help you have a great time with your loved ones. Some things may not go as planned but you won't get upset. On the contrary, you'll find a great solution and enjoy the love of your family.

On Thursday, all the women born under the sign of Leo will feel powerful, sensual, strong, and independent. You'll get everything you want using your weapons as if you were a Wonderwoman. 

Single Leos will meet someone special and spend all Saturday night together. Unfortunately, it won't be more than a "one-night stand".

You'll be very radical when it comes to your friendships. If someone has a very different view or opinion on a subject that is important to you, you'll erase them from your contact list and from your life.

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The stars will lead you to creativity, which you'll successfully apply at work or on new projects that you're about to launch. Always have a notebook and a pen with you to note down your great ideas before you forget them.

A family member who owed you money will finally pay you back and you'll start considering investing it. Be careful as today's energy may lead you to make wrong financial decisions. You should keep this money for now.

You'll take up projects that you had put off due to lack of time and motivation. Good for you, Leo! It's never a bad time to take up or start something that you're passionate about.

The unemployed ones who haven't found a job yet should get their act together this week as Jupiter is direct again and it can help you learn another language and get an official certificate. Consider this option as it would open many doors for you.

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You should be very careful with your alcohol intake as your liver will be more sensitive and susceptible than usual. Ideally, you should avoid drinking altogether.

You'll be very optimistic and in a good mood, which will make this week much easier.

Your facial skin needs some extra care.  You don't have to use expensive products. Correct hygiene with a suitable soap for your skin type and a moisturizer with coconut oil will be more than enough.