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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 11 - 17 January 2021: Positivism and harmony in all your relationships

Your most collaborative side will come to light and, unintentionally, you'll end up leading a team


Your balanced feelings and internal peace will be reflected in your romantic bond. Therefore, this week you'll enjoy harmony and tranquility in your relationship. Due to Mercury in Aquarius, you'll connect to your partner more mentally than physically, but you'll enjoy some passionate moments as well. 

Warmth, kindness, harmony, and happiness you will experience with your partner will permeate your entire home and extend to your family and friendships. The "good vibes" will prevail in all your relationships and allow you to have effective and positive communication.

When it comes to single Leos, the stars foresee that a friend of yours will introduce you to his/her relative or mate. If you establish an honest and amusing conversation, long-lasting love may spring up.

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You'll be very good at teamwork and won't mind lending a hand to a colleague with his or her tasks. You'll actively collaborate in group projects without imposing your opinion and giving very good ideas and advice instead.

However, even if that's not your intention, you'll end up leading the team.  Your mind and body will come together, thinking and working at the same time. You won't mind doing a few extra hours if you have to, and your teammates won't leave you alone in that battle. Leo, your enthusiasm and friendliness will spread everywhere creating a very nice environment at work.


The new Moon in Capricorn in your health zone, this time without Saturn and Jupiter but with the Sun, Pluto, and Venus, will enhance your transformative power and self-esteem. You'll have the necessary willpower to start and achieve all your health-related goals, such as starting doing more sports, following a new diet, being more consistent in your skin and hair care, etc.

You may experience some mild discomfort and pain but you'll recover quickly. If you're dealing with a chronic illness or recovering from a cold or injury, you'll notice a great improvement.

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