The Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 March 2021: You'll be very busy working and socializing

Various sources will lead you to more income; take advantage of it to save some money


Leos who have a partner will have the sensation that they're the main characters of a soap opera as  third parties will try to make your relationship fail. They'll invent stories trying to make you jealous until you start having doubts. You should totally ignore this toxic information as these people are simply jealous of your success as a couple.

Little misunderstandings with your partner won't help you clear your head either. You'll have to be very patient and talk about everything that's bothering you as soon as possible: otherwise, things will pile up, and later you'll find it difficult to find solutions.

Single Leos are about to start a new period full of fun, new friendships, going out, socializing, and enjoying their sexual encounters with all the freedom and zero commitment. You'll lose interest in romantic love but you definitely won't lack passionate experiences.

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Your career will take off like a rocket thanks to your ambition, effort, and intuition. Although at the beginning of the week you may feel a little lost, as the days go by, you'll feel more confident than ever and start trusting yourself and your decisions. Your optimism and diplomacy will attract new contacts that will lead you to new projects and more income.

Unemployed Leos are very likely to find a job thanks to their close neighbors and friends.

Astral movements predict that this week you'll come into money thanks to an inheritance.

You'll try to be tight-fisted and save a little, but your generosity will lead you to buy drinks for all your friends. Be careful with these excessive expenses. 


You'll devote all your energy to work and helping others.  You'll be so busy that you'll hardly have time for yourself. You'll keep postponing exercise day after day and overindulge in fast food.

All this combination will wear you down physically and mentally. Therefore, try to  organize your day better so that you have time for everything. Make sure you get enough sleep, too. 

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