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Leo Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 February 2021: Your efforts will be rewarded

You'll be rebellious and unwilling to take anyone's orders and try to impose your ideas on others


The well-being of your loved ones will become your priority and you'll do anything you can to help them. You'll get totally immersed in their problems, which they'll be very grateful for. Of course, this will lead you to a lot of unnecessary headaches. On the other hand, you'll enjoy their success as it was yours.

Venus will enter Aquarius in your couple and marriage zone. A collection of the same type of energy within your birth chart will form a very intense stellium in this area. Mercury retrograde in an air sign will make it more difficult for you to express yourself, which may lead to misunderstandings. In general, you can expect prosperity and stability when it comes to your relationship unless your partner is controlling and bossy and tries to restrict your freedom or get in the way of your career. In this case, you'll definitely break up with him/her.

Single Leos are likely to fall in love with someone older with economic and mental stability. 

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The stars foresee a lot of discussions and problems with your business partners. You'll prefer your ideas and be eager to work on your own. However, it won't be a definitive decision as later you'll sit down together and talk about the organization of your project. 

Pluto is still in your work area, but it won't have major aspects so don't expect big changes in this area of your life. You'll be focused on your own tasks and won't let external noise distract you. Your superiors will congratulate you on your performance and could even count on you to lead a big project in the future. 

When it comes to your economy, you'll be willing to save as much as possible this week.


You'll become a little obsessed with cleanliness at home and spend your week dusting and sweeping. You'll always have a cloth with bleach in hand to disinfect any surface.

Your health area is calm; the only tense aspect is foreseen on the 3rd of February, so you could feel a little sad and nostalgic that day.

The best way to do physical exercise will be doing sports with your partner. 

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