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Leo's Personality Traits

Find out what the lion of the zodiac is like, the flirtiest (and also narcissistic) of all signs.

We couldn't say with absolute certainty if they resemble more a lion or a peacock, due to the Leo Horoscope traits of coquetry and highly pronounced narcissism. But who could deny that all this is part of their charming warmth with which they win the affection of everybody?

We tell you some more details about Leo so you have a more complete view on this fire sign.

Leo traits: 6 peculiarities of this sign

Discover what the lion of the zodiac is like, the flirtiest of all signs.

1. Center of all attentions

If you are wondering what Leo is like and how to define them with a single word, we could say narcissistic and we wouldn't be wrong. But although among their personal traits this one is so remarkable, it wouldn't be fair to define them so biased.

What really is a reality among the characteristics of Leo is their desire to always be the centre of attention, of the whole world and wherever they are  or they're going. For that same reason, their attitude is to try to be more striking than the rest, only with their presence, with their speech, even with their behaviour, since it is too unpredictable at times.

2. The most flirty

They can't help it, it's part of Leo's personality; they are flirty, more than anyone else, their motto reads, "better dead than plain!"

Mirrors are one of the few things that would stop a Leo. Well, that and a good compliment praising their good taste, their presence and their natural charm.

They love always being divine, finding in their image that reflection of their innate coquettishness, because it's also true that being flirty, in their case concretely, has to do with the fact of flirting... Leos can't resist a good flirtation, for which any occasion and place is good.

3. Protector of their beloved ones                                                    

But not everything that refers to this sign has a nature of superficial connotation. If there's something that also makes them bring out their claws is to protect the people who they love: They can go from being the most affable person in the world to becoming a beast if they have to defend their beloved ones.

Among the characteristics of Leo there's also the tenderness, the ability to defend and courage, and when they all combine so instinctively emotionally, don't have any doubt that they will put all their energies at their disposal.

4. Very funny... although they don't intend to!

Usually those people who are so worried about their appearance refuse the possibility of transmitting an image that diminishes their credibility, authority, charisma... and, unfortunately, most of them mistakenly believe that the sense of humour has that effect.

However, when Leo's personality comes out to express itself in its funniest version, which also coincides with its attempt not to be funny, we can enjoy the clown version of this Zodiac sign. And it's something that usually happens, reluctantly, in situations where they want to offer the best possible image of themselves having a fairly high bar, and undergoing so much pressure, not being able to self-regulate.

5. Insecure deep inside

And coming from the previous point, we can deduce what Leo is like deep inside: A very insecure person. Let's think that when they bother to try to keep clear the image they want to get to whoever is dealing with them, it's because they really doubt about their ability to achieve it.

They are also very prone to criticizing others, so, there's no doubt that they feel equally judged and observed under their demanding lens that detect defects.

6. They look for devotion

All the multiple facets of Leo's traits come together at the same point: themselves. The rest of the features we have discussed above are interrelated with each other making sense between them and resulting in the peculiar characteristics of Leo.

For that same reason, referring to their extreme coquetry as well as their incessant quest to be the centre of attention, it won't be at all shocking to discover that one of Leo's main motivations is to feel adored, idolized, feel like an authentic God.

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