Leo Horoscope September

Leo Monthly Horoscope for September 2020: Venus will enhance your natural beauty and radiance

Your projects will start moving slowly but steadily; it's advisable to reactivate your savings plan

Love: You'll shine and conquer any heart

It'll be a splendid month in the love field. Mercury's entry into Libra will stimulate your communication. You'll be curious and come across as an intelligent, friendly and fair person. You'll make new friends and enjoy talking and laughing with your closest ones.

When Venus, the planet of love, enters your sign (September 6th) you'll become the center of attention and attract many suitors.  You'll look your best and have all eyes on you. If you're single, this month will lead you to several romances, but at the end of September, you'll be eager to deepen one of these relationships and find an official partner.

Leos who are married or in a long-term relationship will enjoy a relatively quiet month. However, if your partner is jealous, he/she won't be happy to see everyone admiring you and may become jealous of your good vibes. 

The relationship with your children will be very good. You'll enjoy affectionate gestures such as hugs and laughter in the family.

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Money: Take up new projects and start saving

In the middle of the month, Jupiter will go direct again and you'll notice how some stagnated projects will start to take off. Luck in the field of work will come back to you, although you won't see its economic benefits until the entry of Venus in Virgo (October 2nd).

At the end of the month, Saturn will also be direct and at the beginning of October Pluto will join, too. That's when everything you've been longing for and working on will start to roll. 

Leo, this month is a great moment for your projects, finding a new job, starting a savings plan, making new contacts, resuming unfinished studies, making presentations, and starting new routines that will make you more productive.

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Health: Beware of risky and impulsive attitudes

Mars keeps squaring the triple conjunction so  be especially careful with sharp objects.  Try to keep calm when driving; going fast will make you feel free but don't overdo it.  Also,  you can become very authoritarian and overly demanding in the field of work. 

You'll feel great about yourself and your aura will attract people, animals, insects, and maybe even an entity or spirit.