Leo May on a sky background with shooting stars

Leo Monthly Horoscope for May 2021: A passionate and lasting romance is on your way

You'll soon experience some changes for the better at work

Love: You'll find love in a friend

Your focus will shift from work to your life partner and, above all, to your friendships. Long-term relationships will be calm and stable, as Saturn will keep influencing them in a positive way.

It's very likely that single Leos will find a new love or decide to formalize their relationship.  Towards the middle of the month, with Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Pisces, you'll create a very special bond with a friend or an acquaintance. This duet full of furtive glances will unleash passion and a new (and lasting) love that will be formalized around the Lunar Eclipse that will occur on the 26th of May in Sagittarius (your romance zone).

You won't care much about the rest of your family and spend most of the time on your own. This will worsen some of your bonds more than you think.

Money: You'll get a job with a good salary

Pluto is moving through the last Capricorn decan in your zone of work and service to others. You've been changing and transforming the way you relate to your job for some time now, and little by little, you've managed to settle some issues.

Venus and your ruler the Sun will help you find a better job. A friend or member of an association which you belong to will be the "culprit". 

Jupiter in your zone of investments or inheritances will lead you to some extra money, but because of tensions with other planets, you won't be able to actually receive it. For example, the value of your shares will increase but you won't be able to sell them, or money from a relative that you had to receive will be paralyzed due to some legal issues.

Health: Be sensible when you go out on a spree

At the end of the month, thanks to the Eclipse, you'll enjoy tremendous creativity and a mind free of ties. You'll be able to exploit your artistic side to the fullest.

It'll be a very social month. You'll attend a lot of meetings and get-togethers and have to be especially careful with alcohol if you don't want to damage your liver. In addition, you won't handle hangovers well and it'll take you days to recover.

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