Leo Horoscope July

Leo Monthly Horoscope for July 2020: Perform an aura cleansing against the evil eye

You'll need a vacation to get away from the pressure at work or maybe even change your job

Love: A very sensual and mystical halo

Venus in your friendship zone in a harmonic aspect with Mars (which is your area of exploration and opportunities) will make third parties interfere with your relationship. You'll be eager to flirt with other people, too. However, your zone of marriage and relationship will be protected by the planetary influences and even if you have an argument, it won't end up in a break-up.

Single Leos will project a very sensual and mystical image this month thanks to Neptune and Uranus. You'll definitely attract some people you like and have interesting and deep conversations with them. However, most of them won't lead you to a serious relationship due to your perfectionism, Leo.

Money: A possible business trip

Leo, Saturn returns to Capricorn, which will make you feel under pressure at work again. You'll receive opportunities that will come and go and you'll have to make a lot of decisions,  which will lead you to mixed feelings. There will be days when you'll be eager to take every possible business opportunity or job offer and others when you'll be taken over by conservatism. This tug-of-war situation will make you feel much more exhausted than any physical work.

With Mars and Venus in harmony, it's a good month for international trade agreements, long trips, work and even moving abroad.

There won't be much action regarding your money this month. You'll try to keep it safe and not to spend much. If you feel that someone has bad intentions towards you, you should perform an aura cleansing against the evil eye. 

Health: Introspection will make you glow

With the last eclipse in the Capricorn-Cancer axis, it's a good time to improve your health routines. Make the necessary adjustments such as changing your training time or diet, incorporating fasting under the supervision of a professional, or setting aside half an hour a day for meditation.

On the 22nd, the Sun will enter your sign and after 20 days of being introspective and quiet, you'll regain your energy and vitality.