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Leo Monthly Horoscope for January 2021: You'll have to change your routine to adapt to the new rhythm

At work, you'll have to face some chaotic days but they'll finally bring you economic benefits

Love: Form bonds instead of building walls

Romantic relationships will be affected by your desire to fulfill your professional dreams. You'll be very stubborn and seek to gain more social power. Your partner will support you in your decisions but your unilateralism could negatively affect your relationship.

Lean on Jupiter and the Sun in your seventh house to cultivate a healthy, loving, and passionate relationship. Focus on forming bonds rather than building walls between you and your partner.  At the end of the month, your bonds can undergo a profound transformation thanks to the conjunction of Venus and Pluto. It'll be a good time to learn from each other.

Single Leos' encounters will be marked by passion and sexuality, but you won't be able to establish a solid relationship yet. 

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Money: You're approaching your dream profession

Your area of socialization with others is full of energy. It'll be a very active month, which means that you'll have to modify some of your routines to adapt to so much hustle and bustle. Meetings, contracts, deals, and canceled agreements will create a chaotic atmosphere that could affect your well-being.

Certain projects at work will help you increase your income.  You may get a pay rise or find a better job during this period.

Mars will activate your Midheaven, and its connection with Uranus will turn you into a revolutionary leader that many people have been waiting for.

It'll be a good month for Leos whose professions are related to mechanics, aviation, science, sports that involve vehicles (such as cars and motorcycles), firearms, and electronics.

Health: Start making changes

Your ruler the Sun and Venus in your health zone forecast lots of energy and vitality. You'll be eager to work on your appearance and your physique. You'll always look elegant and dress well. Perfect makeup and a good hairstyle will be essential, too.

It's a good moment to start making changes to achieve your health objectives not only because it's January, your favorite month for new goals, but also because the Sun in conjunction with Pluto will help you re-generate and make changes by focusing your will.

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