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Leo Monthly Horoscope for February 2021: You'll focus on yourself and your dreams

You'll walk away from anyone who has taken advantage of you or doesn't support you

Love: Ruptures and Reconciliations

Mercury will be retrograde almost all month in the couple and marriage zone of your birth chart. This is where you'll have to be careful when expressing yourself as you could cause lots of misunderstandings and create a very tense atmosphere at home. Mercury square Uranus-Mars will make your communication style very direct and even a little aggressive. Therefore, the stars foresee a lot of arguments and ruptures this month.

However, the good news is that it won't be permanent; at the end of the month, you'll have an opportunity to make up. 

Single Leos will love their freedom and enjoy sporadic relationships and intimate encounters without having to commit. 

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Work: You won't get along with the authority 

You won't be willing to follow anyone's instructions or take orders from your superiors. You'll be rebellious and eager to be free and lead your own projects. You'll set clear limits and even walk away from those people who have taken advantage of your good heart. You and your dreams will finally become your top priority.

Your undiplomatic answers will drive your superiors crazy and they might end up firing you. However, isn't that what you've been looking for? Nor does it bode well if you work together with partners as your opinions will become irreconcilable.

In the second part of the month, positive Mars-Pluto aspects in your work area will help you start taking the steps towards that big change regarding your profession. 

Health: Your changes are becoming evident

Your regenerative power will help you heal wounds, injuries, or recover from illnesses faster. 

You'll keep working on exercise routines and a healthy diet without bragging about it. Your perseverance and dedication will help you achieve your goals and you'll start receiving compliments because your physical change will begin to become quite evident.

When it comes to your mental health, you'll be quite confused as your emotions will take over your rational mind.

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