The Leo zodiac sign with a starred background

Leo Monthly Horoscope for December 2020: Your family and partner will come first

Your enthusiastic way of communication will help you persuade anyone and sell anything you want

Love: You'll do your best to make your family and partner happy

The planet of love will be in your area of family and home for half of the month; however, it'll be in the air sign, which won't make things easy. Love will be expressed via conversations and the exchange of knowledge. On the 15th of December, Venus in Sagittarius will enter your zone of romance and your intellectual stimulation will become as important as caresses and fieriness.  

When it comes to your family, a close relative may ask you for a favor, such as living in your place for a while. You may also have to visit someone more often than usual due to their health issues. 

It's a great month for single Leos as they may find love among their old or new friends or neighbors.

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Money: You'll know how to sell your ideas

This month, the stars will give you the gift of speech and help you to sell anything you want. You'll be a very persuasive seller not only when it comes to goods and services, but also when talking about yourself and your skills. No company will be able to resist hiring you.

Your sincere and direct communication style and quick and enthusiastic way of thinking will help you emanate brilliance and originality. However, you'll have to control yourself, learn to deal with impatience, and think twice before acting or getting involved in a new business or investment.

You may also have an opportunity to start a business with your father or sibling.

You'll be very skilled at managing your Christmas shopping money, and won't mind spending all you have on the gifts for your family, partner, and friends, even if it means being left with nothing. 

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Health: Balance your time alone, family, and responsibilities

It'll be difficult to find a balance between the time for yourself, your partner, family, and friends. This issue will cause you a lot of stress, much more than you may have at your workplace.

Your skin will need more attention than usual as some external agents such as pollen, pollution, or poor quality clothes may cause spots and redness.