Leo Horoscope August

Leo Monthly Horoscope for August 2020: You'll shine in the field of love but not at work

The stars foresee disagreements and tension in the field of work, especially with the authority

Love: A splendid month 

Leo, the Sun is in your sign and your sensuality, charisma, courage, and romanticism will play an important role this August. Venus in Cancer will encourage you to spend more time at home with your family. Your calm and introspective point of view will help you realize how much you've changed this year.

If you have a partner, most days will be filled with passionate kisses, caresses, cuddles, and laughter. You might even consider having your first child or expanding your family if you already have one. 

Single Leos' sex appeal will be at its best and some possible suitors won't be able to take their eyes off you.  You may meet your first love or get an indecent proposal from a couple of close friends. 

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Money: New job opportunities from abroad

When it comes to your profession, it'll be a complicated month. You may have to face anxiety, stress, changes regarding your responsibilities, express travel, tense meetings with superiors, working overtime, and even abuse of power. 

However, not all the news is bad news. You'll also get new opportunities, especially those related to investments and trade agreements with foreign countries and the search for partners to start a business.

If you're a boss, you should be aware of your attitude towards your employees and make sure you treat them with respect; otherwise, you could turn into a tyrant this month.

It's not a good time to lend money or make risky investments. You could come into a bit of money after the death of a distant relative. 

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Health: Laughing is the best therapy

You'll have to balance your overflowing energy. Spend some time alone or with a couple of friends and try to switch off from the outside world. Your optimal physical health will help you face all the challenges this month. The only weak point will be your vocal cords since you could get a sore throat due to talking too much at work. 

Also, it's important you remember to stay hydrated and don't neglect your mental health.  Otherwise, you could suffer from an anxiety attack caused by stress at work.