Leo April on a sky background with shooting stars

Leo Monthly Horoscope for April 2021: You'll value your time and energy

Be careful with your words as you'll be quite rude; focus on listening to others instead

Love: Impulsivity gives way to stability

Until the second fortnight of the month,  be careful with your words as you won't reflect on them much and could get into trouble.  You'll be eager to talk and express yourself, but once you stop and start listening, you'll learn much more. People around you will be honest and sincere in their conversations.

Single Leos will be very straightforward and risky when it comes to complimenting people they like. This tactic will only lead you to sporadic love encounters.

On the 14th of April, Venus will enter Taurus where it'll be especially comfortable, and some days later Mercury and the Sun will enter Taurus as well. Therefore, in the second half of the month, Leos will feel calmer and more stable. Your relationships will go smoothly and you'll focus on people you really value.

When it comes to single Leos, in the second fortnight you'll be more clumsy regarding your communication, but project more tenderness and physical attractiveness. At the end of the month with the entry of Mars into Cancer, you'll be especially romantic and protective. An electrifying love will emerge between April 22nd and 23rd.

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Money: You'll question your salary

You'll start valuing yourself more. You'll question whether the effort you're making is really worth it. This reflection will extend to any area of your life, but particularly your career and the salary you receive. Whether you're your own boss or an employee, you'll wonder if the money you earn is good enough.

The astral climate predicts that your community and close circle will help you out in your search for work.  You may find a new job, but it'll be something temporary.

Health: Exercise your strength and stamina

The planet of sensory pleasure in your sign could lead you to binge on food. To  avoid falling into unhealthy temptations, eat more sweet fruits or prepare your own cocoa cream with stevia instead of sugar.

Regarding your workout routine, increase weight and resistance training and reduce aerobic exercises.

Your mood will improve as the month progresses. You'll feel happy and grateful to have the unconditional love of your family.

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