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Leo Horoscope 2021: Your transformation will be epic

You'll become more faithful to yourself and act in harmony with your desires and actions

Love: Let go of the need to control

We are not going to lie to you, Leo, this year, you'll have to face tense energy in your marriage and partner area. Even though Saturn will bring you stability and Jupiter prosperity, Uranus will be destabilizing that zone. Therefore, your relationship will go through ups and downs, breakups, and reconciliations. Unexpected circumstances will make you lose control and you'll feel very insecure. How should you deal with these energies? Embrace freedom, move away from the ordinary and build (or rebuild) a deep relationship based on common interests, let go of your need to control and let everything flow, show your affection and make your loved one laugh.

Singles will be playing the field and having a lot of fun. If you manage to leave your past and ex-partners behind, you'll find true love in October.

When it comes to your friendships, the circle will reduce. You'll be left with very few friends, but you'll be able to trust them completely.  

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Money: You'll reach success if you aren't too ambitious 

At the beginning of the year, Saturn will delay or block your projects until the right time comes. You still have valuable lessons and skills to learn when it comes to your profession. Don't lose hope or act impulsively and keep up the hard work.

You'll be very lucky in the second half of the year, especially in terms of entrepreneurship and partnership. However, Jupiter may slow down your plans if you become overly ambitious. You'll have to learn to enjoy the little things that are free, seek happiness within yourself, and to put aside greed for the material.

Autumn will be the most relaxing season.  You'll be able to focus on work or business without making a big effort. If you want to have a vacation or some time off, it's a perfect moment for that, too.

Health: Physical and spiritual transformations

Your health zone will be marked by Pluto, as it'll give you all its energetic potential and help you achieve your physical and mental health goals.  You'll feel very powerful, disciplined, and patient, taking the steps to wellbeing.

However, you should be very careful in January, June, September, and October. You'll have to control your energy as your actions and decisions might become too impulsive (e.g. being reckless with sports, eating junk food, reacting violently to someone who thinks differently from you when it comes to health issues).

You'll possess the necessary skills to heal your and others' spirit, the occult will accompany you in the shadows and help you heal.

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