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Leo Compatibility with the Other Zodiac Signs

All about the compatibility of Leo with the other signs

Are you a male or female Leo? If you are, do you know which among the zodiac signs are compatible with you? You should know these facts if you want to have a guide in your relationship. If you want to have a successful relationship, you should make sure that you are compatible with your partner. If you find out that your compatibility is not that good, you need to work hard for your relationship to last. Here are  the compatibilities of Leo with the other astrology signs.

Libra and Leo compatibility

Leo and Libra are highly compatible with each other. They have matching personal character traits that make them stick together. Leos are very stubborn, but Libra's flexible nature can complement this specific characteristic of Leo since Libra can easily adapt to Leo's personality. So, instead of drifting away from each other, they tend to get drawn more to each other.

Aside from that, they are both sociable and romantic in nature. They both enjoy romantic getaways and events such as candlelight dinners. They also love to interact with other people, and they often initiate conversation within the group. Because of their being sociable, such a couple is often spotted attending social gatherings and parties.

One of their mottos in life is to enjoy the present and not worry too much about the future. This shared perspective in life is the strongest element in their compatibility.

Leo and Libra are both passionate about each other. They are very open when it comes to expressing their emotions and feelings. With this characteristic, they are not hesitant to show their love for each other. Though some couples have their own secrets, Leo and the Libra couple know almost everything about their partner. They are both adventurous, and they enjoy their lives to the fullest. Both of them always come up with ideas to make their relationship stronger and bring more excitement into their relationship.

However, to keep their relationship smooth and make it last, they should not try to dominate each other. Dominating each other will lead their relationship to fail. For the relationship to keep moving positively, they should always support and guide each other. They will face challenges in their relationship, but they can easily solve any problems if they support each other and face problems together.

Leo and Leo compatibility

The Leo and Leo couple share several personal traits since they belong to the same horoscope. This can be very fruitful or lead to total disaster, depending on how they manage their relationship. Since they are both energetic and always want to be the center of attention, they tend to do things that draw other people's attention.

Loyalty, trust, and faith are essential for this couple. They cannot easily stand betrayals, and even a small lie can make their feelings flare-up. To avoid this, they should be honest with each other at all times. Since they are also straight forward with their feelings, they will not really do it if they say they won’t do it. If they say they don’t like it, they really do not like it.

For their relationship to work, the two lions should respect each other. Both of them should try not to rule each other, as this could lead to their relationship's failure. Since they both have the same qualities, interests, and approaches in life, they could use these traits to nurture their relationship. They should know how to value each other, and they should understand that they should be supporting each other rather than competing with one another as a couple. The Leo and Leo couple can achieve full happiness if they learn how to complement and support each other.

Cancer and Leo compatibility

Leo and Cancer tend to establish a thriving relationship that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. They are both sensitive individuals, and it’s difficult for them to accept criticisms and negative comments from other people. If they hear a negative comment, they easily take it personally and distance themselves from the source. With this characteristic, they are always searching for a person who will love, care for, and appreciate them without giving criticisms and negative comments. Finding that kind of person will make them compatible with each other. Also, since both love and care for each other very much, they show their affection in creative ways.

While the lion is dominating sometimes and often directs the relationship, the crab does not actually mind as long as they receive the love and affection from the Leo horoscope. Even if Leo is very demanding, as long as the Cancer's individuality is not affected, the Cancer is willing to do everything for his or her partner.

It is said that Leo and the Cancer couple is a perfect match. Leo is a perfect giver of love, care, and other important things in a relationship, while Cancer is a perfect receiver of these things. Aside from that, they are very supportive of each other. Any challenges and problems that will come across their relationship will be easily resolved because they know how to help each other. They do things together in every step they make. In every decision that involves them, they analyze and decide together. Thus, if they end up getting married, they will enjoy a fruitful and contented married life.

Scorpio and Leo compatibility

The intense emotion of the Scorpio is what attracts Leo. Scorpios are characterized as intense, tough, yet passionate, like the Mahindra Scorpio, a rugged and rough car. Also, the Scorpios have strong will power and determination, and they are very loyal and committed to their partners. These qualities are greatly appreciated by  Leos, who make them comfortable with each other’s presence. Aside from that, both Leo and Scorpio are very determined. If they want something, they will do everything in their abilities to reach their goal. Since their dreams are the same, they both understand each other’s strive to be the best.

However, both of them are very stubborn and having said that, that shared trait could then ruin their relationship. They have great pride, and it is difficult for them to say sorry and accept their faults or mistakes. It hurts their ego to lower their pride for another person. Their perspectives in life are sometimes different, which often leads them to fight and argue with each other. Sometimes, if the situation is really serious, it would take a couple of days or even weeks before the Scorpio and the Leo compromise again for the sake of their relationship.

Another bad thing that can affect their relationship is their jealousy. Ideally, romantic couples should support each other and be happy with their partner’s achievements. But, this case does not apply to the Leo and Scorpio couple. If one of them succeeds first, there is a tendency that the other party will be jealous. This can seriously affect the flow of their relationship. However, jealousy can be prevented if both of them succeed at the same time. That is not a difficult mission for them because they are both popular with their friends and officemates, most especially to the opposite sexes.

For their relationship to run smoothly, they should complement each other. They should stop competing with one another, which could only result in serious fights and arguments that could even lead them to break up. They should set aside their egos, and they should learn to lower their pride sometimes so that it would be easier for them to understand each other. If both of them will work together as one and support each other, they can reach the top together, and they can be one of the most successful couples.

Aries and Leo compatibility

Leo and Aries horoscope signs share some common personality traits that make them go along well. They have very vibrant characteristics in nature, and they both have an out-going personality. Aries loves to explore and experience new things in life, and they could do this together because of Leo's outgoing personality. Aries also likes Leo's generous personality and would even help them to develop that character trait. Their relationship is believed to flow smoothly because they are both cheerful individuals. They both value their personal freedom, and so, they do not cling too much to their partner, and they respect each other’s freedom and privacy.

Sometimes, Leo cares too much about his or her public image. Leo seriously considers the opinions of other people. The question, “What will other people say if I do this?” often runs across the mind of Leo. Because the Aries is very broad-minded, this attitude of Leo can irritate him or her. The Aries does not care about his/her image. The Aries believes that they are the owners of their own life, and no one can influence them or control them to live according to society's standard.

The Leo and Aries couple should learn how to share their feelings and ideas  to make their relationship work. Because they are independent individuals, there is a great tendency that they will forget how to open up their feelings with each other. Communication is an essential part of a successful relationship, and a relationship can fail if couples do not know how to communicate with each other. If they eventually marry in the future, they should also learn how to manage their finances. Since they are both out-going and love to enjoy life, they could suffer financial losses if they do not know how to manage their money properly. All in all, if the couple tries to understand and complement each other, they can live happily together.

Virgo and Leo compatibility

Leo and Virgo have opposite character traits that make their relationship difficult to survive. For one, Virgo is very sociable and loves to attend parties and other social gatherings. Virgo, on the other hand, is a modest individual and does not enjoy too many parties and social gatherings. Since they have opposite personal character traits, this could, later on, lead to serious problems in their relationship. Also, the Virgo is very shy as compared to Leo.

Another thing that will compromise their relationship, later on, is Virgo's characteristic, who is always in search of perfection. Virgo is a perfectionist, and he or she wants everything to be in order. Nobody is perfect, and Leo is not an exception. Thus, there is a tendency that Virgo will often criticize the failure or mistakes of Leo. Remember that Leo does not want any criticism or negative comments. Therefore, the comments and criticisms of the Virgo can piss him or her.

A Leo and Virgo relationship should understand that all relationships need adjustments.  They need to adjust to one another to prevent pressures and problems. If they really love each other and really want to be together, Leo should learn how to lower his or her ego, and at the same time, Virgo should set aside his or her perfectionist personal trait. They should be willing to learn from each other and accept each other’s failures and mistakes. Their partnership can survive if they do these things, but their relationship will be jeopardized if they still stick to their personalities.

Pisces and Leo compatibility

Leo and Pisces signs are opposite in some aspects, but their contrasting personalities serve as a bridge to improve their relationship. They use their opposite character traits to survive the tests and challenges in their relationship. And because of the Pisces’ willingness to let their partner lead their relationship, Leo's dominant nature can be used this time around. Pisces greatly shows concern over his or her partner through actions, and Leo greatly appreciates this. However, when it comes to verbal expression, the Pisces cannot express their feelings well. The lion, in this case, should be more understanding regarding the weakness of the Pisces.

Leo is a good leader, while Pisces is a good follower. Having said that, their relationship will surely work. However, no matter how good Pisces follows, Leo should set a boundary to keep their relationship alive. Leo should know when to boss around and when to take the backseat. Leo should give enough space for the Pisces so that both of them will enjoy their relationship. If the Pisces feels suffocated because of the very dominant Leo, there is a tendency that he or she will move out of the relationship. The pride hindering couples will not be a problem because Pisces always know how to lower their ego. Also, Leo should learn to keep their relationship stronger.

Taurus and Leo compatibility

Leo and Taurus are both very persistent and stubborn. They are very devoted to their responsibilities, and they will do anything until they succeed. They always get things done because they give their best effort in anything they do. Because Leo rules the Taurus, this makes their relationship very meaningful. The Taurus is very caring, which makes Leo love him or her more.

However, the greatest challenge that they may face will be because of their stubbornness. Thus, they should learn to compromise and support each other. They also need to understand to sacrifice for the sake of their partner. They should take each other seriously, and they should try their best to meet one another's expectations. Leo has a sociable nature and can be with anyone even if they do not really know them. In contrast, the Taurus loves to socialize only with people whom he or she knows. Thus, Leo should not try to drag the Taurus in social gatherings full of strangers to the Taurus.

Taurus and Leo will experience a romantic and passionate relationship if they respect and try to understand each other. Both of them love each other’s company, and they can enjoy a great marriage life if they do not let their stubbornness rule their relationship.

Gemini and Leo compatibility

Leo and Gemini are both happy and cheerful individuals, and they both love adventure. Aside from that, their good communication skill makes them more compatible with each other. They are open to each other’s feelings, which enables their relationship to thrive. They often engage themselves in discussions that they both enjoy.

However, some things may cause problems in their relationship. One is Gemini’s nature of curiosity. The Gemini is curious about everything. Sometimes, he or she is too focused on satisfying his or her curiosity that he or she tends to no longer pay enough attention to Leo. This attitude would hurt Leo because they want all their partner’s attention. Also, the Gemini loves to socialize with people, and there is a tendency that the Leo will feel jealous because of the attention that the Gemini gives to others. Leo must learn to control their jealousy for a smooth relationship, while Gemini must not forget to give their partner the needed attention.

Aquarius and Leo compatibility

Leo and Aquarius are opposites. They have the tendency to be attracted to each other strongly, but they can strongly repel or contrast each other as well. They are both determined, and they always stick to their opinions. If none of them will give way, they will end up having a serious argument. However, they are both sociable in nature, and they are very intense when it comes to a relationship.

They will make a vivacious relationship for as long as they know how to lower their pride when needed.  They should know how to give up the argument so that they will be able to work on their differences. Aside from being a romantic couple, these two horoscopes can be great friends.

Capricorn and Leo compatibility

The Capricorn-Leo couple both want power, and they always aim for achievements. Leo is an emotional and warm individual that complements the reserved Capricorn. Both of them are very committed to their partners and are very loyal to their relationship, too. Both of them do not like to be betrayed, so they do not like betraying other people in their relationship. They both understand what freedom means in the growth of their relationship. Thus, they don't cling that much to their partners. However, there are Leo characteristics that cannot be tolerated by Capricorn, and this can lead to their incompatibility.

Sagittarius and Leo compatibility

Leo and the Sagittarius couple will have a fun and happy relationship because of the Sagittarius's cheerful personality. Also, both of them possess a positive outlook in life to easily and positively solve every problem they face. They understand each other perfectly because they share many common personalities. Also, their relationship will never be a boring one because of their adventurous nature.

The best compatible zodiac sign for Leo

Libra is the best compatible zodiac sign for a Leo. They have high compatibility, and they are said to make a perfect couple. Though they have their similarities, they also have their own differences. What is great about them is that they use their opposite personalities to improve their relationship more.

Other signs that are compatible with Leo

Aside from Libra, Leo is also compatible with signs like Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini. Leo can also be compatible with another Leo and Aquarius, but they also tend to be incompatible, depending on how they handle their emotions and relationship.

The worst compatible zodiac sign for Leo

The worst compatible zodiac sign for Leo is Scorpio. They are both dominating, wanting to control each other. Aside from that, they are both very stubborn, which can eventually lead the couple to break-up.

Other signs that are not compatible with Leo

Leo is also incompatible with Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, and Cancer. Their relationship can still work out as long as they try to understand each other. But, it will be difficult for their relationship to last.

The other signs' compatibility