Leo Horoscope Monday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Monday, November 9, 2020: You'll find love in the artistic environment

If you feel in low spirits and discouraged when you're at home, it's time to cleanse your place of negative energy


Leo, you'll be focused on your children today but you'll also find some time for your partner. You'll be eager to bring back the memories of the past that were special to you, such as playing hide and seek or a board game that you haven't played for years with all your family. 

If you don't have kids,  today you may get the news of being pregnant. You could also wonder if you should start trying for a baby.

Single Leos could meet the love of their life by doing some creative activities like attending a painting class or visiting an art gallery.

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The stars will favor Leos who work on their own today. However, those who have a routine job and work for others will have to face tension, noises, and arguments. This situation will drag your energy down and could even lead you to a panic attack or anxiety if you don't know how to manage the stress.

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Do you have nightmares or often wake up in the middle of the night? Do you feel uneasy in your own home? Do you feel tired even if you rest enough? Or maybe you feel simply off? You need to check your place for negative energies using an ancient method of a glass with salt and vinegar.

Fill three-quarters of the glass with sea salt, and the rest of it with white wine or apple vinegar (other types are also possible but less effective), put it on a plate, and place it under your bed at the height of the solar plexus. Wait for a few days and observe the glass. If the salt has climbed up the walls and overflowed onto the plate, you'll need to cleanse your place of negative energy.

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