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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, March 9, 2021: You'll present your humanitarian vision to the world

You're the funniest sign of the Zodiac, but keep in mind that sarcastic humor is not everyone's cup of tea


Singles Leos will be very cautious in their dates and conversations. You'll also be quite skeptical towards the compliments you receive. Be careful as you could come across as a very cold and distant person, and your interlocutor might think that you're not interested in him/her at all.  If you put up a barrier between you and a possible romance, it means that you aren't ready for love yet.

Your sense of humor will be quite sarcastic. Everyone will laugh at your first couple of jokes, but if you keep being ironic all day long, your partner or your family will get tired and won't be eager to talk to you.  Control your sharp tongue or you'll get into trouble. 

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Mars in Gemini will benefit Leo journalists, critics, and politicians who are focused on a humanitarian vision, climate change, and the use of technology in order to help people. Your ideas will have more repercussions in the press and digital media.

You can use this astral energy to go one step further and take your lifestyle to the next level. If you join the zero waste movement, you will not only reduce the waste you generate but also save money.


You know you need to make certain changes in your routines and habits, but you keep putting off taking the first step. Try to incorporate them little by little and one at a time. For example, don't start running for an hour a day if you've never done it before. Start with 10-15 minutes and when you feel comfortable, add 5 more minutes.

You might have swollen ankles, avoid wearing tight shoes and opt for more open ones.

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