Leo Horoscope - Saturday, January 9, 2021: A splendid day in love

Although there's something you want to prove at work, let your effort speak for itself


This Saturday's astral configuration will pleasantly surprise you by bringing you everything you've ever dreamed of regarding love, whether you have a partner or are single.

Those who are married or in a stable relationship will enjoy plenitude and erotic games. You'll be able to make your sexual fantasies come true and connect on a deep level with your loved one.

Single Leos will feel very powerful and be in charge of their love life. You'll be able to conquer anyone you desire. Open your heart and enjoy your big moment.

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At work, you might find out that a colleague is talking behind your back and trying to get you into trouble. 

It'll make your blood boil but you'll be cautious and act smart. You'll keep calm and won't start an argument knowing that it might lead you to something more violent. No matter how unfair this situation is, remember that your colleagues and your superiors know how you work. Don't be afraid of anything and let karma take care of it all.

Mercury in Capricorn will lead you to a practical and methodical mind. If you've been thinking about starting a new business or project, it's a perfect day for it. The stars will help you create a good business plan that will eventually lead you to success.


You'll feel very energetic and vital, which is great news if you're recovering from an illness.  You're about to overcome any health problem you've been dealing with lately.

You'll feel quite hyperactive, and if you don't know how to dose your energy, you may focus it all on one point or task, which will be counterproductive.

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