Leo Horoscope for Tuesday on a universe background

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, February 9, 2021: Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life

Pay more attention on the road and obey traffic signs and lights


Leo, certain acquaintances (not friends) will start giving their opinion on how you lead your life  and on the mistakes you make in your relationship and your children's education, which will especially hurt you. You won't understand why they're attacking you.

However, the Moon connecting to Mars won't let these people sit back and relax after everything they've told you. You'll tell them to mind their business in the clearest, most direct, and elegant way.

You could also wash their dirty laundry in public, as you know lots of secrets about them, but you're better than that and you would never do such a thing.

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A colleague who has tricked you once will apologize and try to convince you that your friendship is above any situation of the past. Don't be fooled, Leo. Draw the line between companionship and friendship; otherwise, this person will take advantage of you again.

A distant family member that you don't trust much will come to visit you and ask you for money. If you can help him/her in any way that doesn't involve money, do it. If it's only money that they need, make sure you know when they're going to pay you back and on what conditions. 

Great haste makes great waste. Be very careful on the road today. If you keep speeding, don't be surprised when you receive a fine or penalty in the next few days.


When was the last time you checked your medicine drawer?  Tidy it up and make sure you don't have any expired medicines or loose pills that are exposed to an environment that alters their effectiveness.

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