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Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, December 9, 2020: Go for it, no one will be able to stop you

You'll feel that your material possessions and home decoration should reflect your values and personality


Leo, today, due to certain situations in your relationship, you'll clearly see if your partner supports you in your decision making or tries to control the direction of your life and even prevents you from achieving some of your dreams. Understandably, he or she may object to you quitting your job or starting something from scratch if money is scarce.

However, if your financial situation is stable and your lover wants to clip your wings, he/she won't be able to do that because you simply won't allow it. Even if it hurts your soul, you know that this is your moment and nothing and no one will be able to stop you. Besides, someone who doesn't encourage you to pursue your dreams and grow as a person is not good for you.

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Leo, would you say that your economic assets and those objects you possess represent you? If a stranger entered your house and judged you by what you have, what would they think of you? You may realize that some things don't have your seal on them or aren't in coherence with your values. If so, get rid of them.

Moreover, if you have some jewellery given to you by your ex-partner, you should free yourself from it. Why don't you sell it and do something beneficial with the money? In this way, you'll be able to turn an object with very low vibrations into a very positive experience.


Sugar seems to have become a new enemy when it comes to your health, but today you'll be eager to snack on a waffle or crepe. It's ok if you have it once in a while. However, to control ingredients and their quantities better, you should make it yourself at home. Moreover, you can turn it into a fun family activity.

Just remember to wash your teeth afterwards to prevent a cavity. 


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