Leo Friday on a night sky background with shooting stars

Leo Horoscope - Friday, April 9, 2021: You won't give up easily

If you pay for the gym every month but never go there, you should consider other options


You might think that your partner is cheating on you  since he/she doesn't talk to your much and their facial expression seems to indicate that they don't feel comfortable with you. Leo, you're probably wrong. Your loved one is going through a rough patch but prefers not to tell you anything  so you don't worry. Lately, you've been pretty busy and he/she doesn't want to cause you more trouble.

Show your support, but don't pester him/her. Don't make them tell you what's going on if they still aren't ready to explain it to you. What you should do is show your love and affection with small gestures like bringing them breakfast to bed or downloading a movie you know they want to see. 


You've been waiting for your superiors to confirm that pay raise you've asked for. Unfortunately, the answer will be a resounding no without any negotiations. You know what you are worth and how much you benefit the company, so you're not going to sit back and do nothing.

It's time to look for job offers in other companies.  You should send a cover letter explaining your skills and why you should be hired. You won't be afraid to leave your comfort zone to get better working conditions; well done, Leo!

As for business and companies, the stars foresee a quiet day. Everything will go as planned and there will be no surprises or unexpected events.


If reflux and heartburn have become part of your daily life and anything you eat produces discomfort when digesting, you should see your doctor. You could be suffering from a hiatal hernia.

If you pay a gym membership fee but can't make yourself go there, you should unsubscribe and look for other options as this one is obviously not working. 

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