Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, October 8, 2020: Venus will help you improve your professional relationships

Your arrogant attitude could scare off your crush or a new partner; bring out your more romantic side


Leo, you could have a serious fight with your mother or mother figure that will worsen your mood this Thursday. An uncontrollable rebelliousness could come to the surface and make the situation worse. Your explosive and capricious behavior won't help much either.

In order to clear your head, go out with your friends. You may not want to talk about your problems but any superficial and fun conversations will help you improve your mood.

If you're getting to know someone or have just started a relationship, be careful as your arrogant attitude may spoil it all. Take it down a notch and bring out your romantic side instead of the narcissistic one.

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Venus will favor your professional image and various people will be interested in your profile. It's a good day for professions related to senses, such as cooks, tasters, relaxation masseurs; and beauty like personal shoppers, make-up artists, hairdressers, beauticians, etc. You'll get very loyal new customers.

Impulsive decisions regarding investments and purchases won't have a happy ending and you could lose a lot of money. Don't touch or move your savings if you aren't a hundred percent sure that things will go well (which is practically impossible as unforeseen events are difficult to avoid).

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The stars will also benefit all the beauty treatments today. It's a good day to change your image as it'll make you feel more self-confident to overcome your future challenges.

As far as your emotions are concerned, you'll have to try to control your impulsive reactions when it comes to any minor disagreement with others. Talking and blaming others before thinking things over is a sign that you haven't mastered your ego yet. You must work on your consciousness and not let your emotions carry you away.