Leo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, November 8, 2020: Your body needs a relaxing massage and a lot of calm

A good day for retrospection and manifesting your goals to the Universe with clear energy


Leo, it's not typical of you but due to today's astral energies, you'll be envious of your friends' possesions and other friendships. If your best friend starts getting along with another person or if someone calls him/her their best mate, you'll get very jealous. You'll act as if nothing happened, but your heart will be broken. Leo, actually it's not your heart, it's your ego that can't stand this situation.

This experience could lead you to arguments with your friend. You'll be eager to tell your partner about it and make a drama out of it. You may even decide to cut off this friendship. However, anger will last much less than you would like it to.

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The waning moon in your sign will give you an opportunity to take things easy today and reflect on certain patterns that you've been following and that haven't helped you to reach the desired success. Reflect, meditate, and get rid of those projects, objects, and thoughts that haven't served you to advance your goals.

You must leave space for the new that is about to come to your life. Prepare yourself to  manifest your intentions to the Universe. However, you have to define them clearly first. Once you've done this, you'll start receiving unexpected help from your close circles.

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Today's energy is perfect for retrospection. If there's too much noise around you, you'll react in unexpected ways to get out of it. Therefore, it's a good day for a spa or a health resort. You can also go for a massage to help you get rid of negative energy and stress. 

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