Leo Horoscope for Monday on a universe background

Leo Horoscope - Monday, February 8, 2021: You are free to experiment

Before you give second chances in love, make sure it's worth it and you won't get hurt twice


Venus trine Uranus natal will open the doors of experimenting without prejudices or judging others. You'll feel free to live any experiences in love or sexual terrain.  Self-imposed limitations will fall into the abyss of oblivion.

Get more information about those taboo or prohibited topics that have always attracted your attention. First, make sure you do the research and find out as much as possible about them, because only then you'll be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Mercury retrograde in your couple and marriage area may bring someone from your past back to you. Venus is also in the same zone of your birth chart, so it's very likely you'll reconcile with your ex-partner.  However, Leo, try not to be overly compassionate and don't forget certain mistakes.

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Now that you're reaping the fruits of your effort and hard work, you're surrounded by many elegant people with big smiles on their faces and diplomatic conversations. Be careful, Leo; as you well know, appearances are deceiving. Don't be fooled by the wolves in sheep's clothing who just want to take advantage of your success.

Be smart and use these contacts, but make sure they report to you every benefit. If they offer you large economic investments, ask for all the necessary documentation and look into all possible sources. Don't let your enthusiasm carry you away.

If your profession is related to politics, the stars don't predict a good day. The people around you or your followers will question your credibility and proposals.


Take advantage of the influence of the waning moon in Capricorn to get waxed (the hair will take longer to grow back) or get a haircut if you want your new hairstyle to last.

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